Build Custom Queries with Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube Data

Our new video showcases the speed and power of NEXT’s built-in custom queries tools. The 10-minute video showcases the NEXT Analytics Addin for Microsoft® Excel, covering how to build custom Web analytics and social media queries with Google® Analytics, Facebook®, Twitter, and YouTube™.

NEXT Analytics implements new Google Analytics API


Tuesday, July 09, 2013 Google Analytics announced the release of 40 new Data points. NEXT Analytics has been updated to implement the new Google Analytic API changes. You can download the current version of NEXT Analytics here. Your license key will work with the updated version.

Here are some of the details for the 40 new dimensions and metrics from Google Analytics.

Mobile dimensions and metrics

  • ga:appId – The application ID
  • ga:appVersion – The application version
  • ga:appName – The application name
  • ga:appInstallerId – The ID of the installer from which […]
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NEXT Analytics and Tableau – Heat Maps


You can do more with your NEXT Analytics data. This article is a “How To” that will walk you through the instructions step by step on how to use your NEXT Analytics data with Tableau to create heat maps. This will allow you to view your data in a new way.


Create a query using geographic dimensions, and whatever metrics you wish to compare.



Since Tableau is expecting “State” for the Region dimension, we will go and re-name it.  In the Analyze tab click the “Text” drop down, and select Caption-Text […]

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Web Traffic by Location Tree Map

Use a Google tree-map visualization to see traffic (size) and pageviews per visit (color) by continent/country.


Google Spreadsheet version