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Brand New User? Read This First

Once you have downloaded the software, please download and review the following documentation. Installation takes a few minutes and doesn’t require special permissions. Configuring your data sources is explained in the Configuration Guide and will require you to have usernames and passwords to things such as your Twitter profile, your Google Analytics profile and other data sources.

Most problems happen when Excel is left running during the setup. Common problems after successful setup include firewalls and security settings preventing the setup from accessing the internet to download files.

Before you begin setup close Microsoft Excel and temporarily turn off Spybot software such as Ad-Aware. If experience security issues (such as a firewall), try using the Offline Installer.

Seeing Your Data


Download NEXT Analytics V6 Reports and Dashboards

NEXT provides hundreds of ready-to-use, customizable dashboards and reports to assist clients getting started.


Custom Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Queries

A short, 10-minute video that covers how to configure data sources and how to create custom queries using Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Facebook Data Mining and YouTube.

User Guides

The User Guides explain how to to build basic custom queries for Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.


Reinstalling or Upgrading V6 Software

If you find you need to reinstall NEXT Analytics, you can download the software below. A new license key or reconfiguration should not be required.

Release Notes for V6

  • NEXT _action scripts are now hidden by default Users can simply unhide the _action script if required.


NEXT Analytics V6 Addin for Microsoft Excel
For use with Microsoft Excel. Be sure to close Excel before running the installation.

NEXT Analytics V6 Addin for Microsoft Powerpoint
For use with Microsoft Powerpoint. Be sure to close Powerpoint before running the installation. PowerPoint uses Excel for its numeric tables in its charts.

NEXT Analytics V6 Standalone Desktop
For use with Google Spreadsheet, LibreOffice and OpenOffice.

NEXT Analytics Windows Publish
NEXT Analytics Windows Publish performs the same function as the Publish feature in Excel with the single limitation that it cannot create PDF documents prior to publishing.

NEXT Analytics Windows Offline Batch Utility (and its instructions)
NEXT Analytics Windows Offline Batch Utility provides a set of instructions and batch files that are used to automate the periodic refresh of all your workbooks.

NEXT Analytics Offline Installer
To use the offline installer, download and extract this file. Then run the setup programs (nextanalytics.application) on your local computer. Note, if you
run the installation from the ZIP without extracting the file, you will receive installation errors.


NEXT Analytics V5 Legacy Software Downloads

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