NEXT Analytics Testimonials



We understand the importance of customer service.  Our efforts are reflected by our five star ratings.  

Saving Me Time!

5 stars  — TSG_webStats — March 28, 2012 NextAnalytics has been a great product for me. I don’t even go directly into Google Analytics that much because it provides so much more of what I need. It has also helped me answer a lot of data questions that I have when looking at GA alone. I already passed my recommendation along to other internal teams. Thanks Ward and Mike!

Excellent Tool For Analytics Tracking

5 stars — CentrumSEO — Sept. 19, 2013 Being able to transform information from Google into easily readable dashboards for clients that helps explain growth and KPI’s has been an enormous benefit to the way we engage clients regarding their website performance. The support form NextAnalytics is second to none and nothing seems like to much trouble for any of the representatives i have spoken with, when you speak with the support team they all seem to have your information and background to hand which saves so much time. 

Essential for Any Company that Values Analytics

  5 stars —  Joshua —  Feb. 25, 2013 As a manager of a facebook page with over 2.5 million fans and a website with over 150k daily visitors, this tool was essential to our analytics team. As a small start-up, it enabled me to generate enterprise quality tracking reports for all my social media and google analytics data without having to spend resources manually accessing APIs. Without Next Analytics, my company would be months behind where it is now. In fact, I don’t want my competitors to know about it. Haha.

Excellent Addition to Google Analytics

style=”color: #0c589d;”>Excellent addition to Google Analytics 5 stars — Antony Bradshaw —  April 05, 2013 Next Analytics is an excellent addition to Google Analytics, it helps us to manipulate the information from Google Analytics into a usable format. I am able to answer question that are difficult to answer using the standard reports in Google, the automation is easy to use. The service received when answering questions is brilliant, they are always quick to respond and the always have a really helpful answers.

A Semi-Automatic Excel Weapon for Google Analytics 

5 stars  —  Planet Marketing – Sept. 01, 2012  I finally bought it a couple weeks ago because I was tired of manually inputting data into Excel. Next Analytics can help your graphs display the way “you” want them to when GA can’t. For instance 2 KPI trends: # Adwords Visits + # Adwords Conversions. If I try this in GA, I get only one graph, but that’s not the goal. I want to compare both KPIs against each other. Next Analytics can do that. AND on the 1st of the month I refresh the page and BOOM, it updates my graphs.

Thanks for the great service!!

  5 stars  —  Cathy —  March 14, 2013  Mike has been amazing answering my questions. We have been assessing tools for Google Analytics, and Mike has been responsive and a great guide to the Next Analytics features. He answered some tough questions from me, and did it well ;) Really appreciated!

Utterly amazing tool and support

 5 stars —  Carmen Mardiros —  Dec. 14, 2012 It takes time to learn the tool itself to unlock its powers but it’s worth its weight in gold once you do. You will never go back to the GA interface unless you have to. But where this product really shines is the support. Mike has always been prompt and offered valuable suggestions along the way. Simply fantastic!

Best in support! 

 5 stars  — nopphorn — July 28, 2012  I tried the trial version but struggling in some bugs but with great support from Ward, he help solve problems in an hour with very responsive and active. Highly recommend!

Such a time saver!

5 stars  — tanchukaitis —March 08, 2012  Just bought the product, but its already saving me so much time by eliminating all of the manual work I used to have to go. A quick email to support and they immediately sent me a widget for my specific need. So worth the money!

Easy, Flexible Tool with Fantastic Support! 

 5 stars  — maryg — Aug. 20, 2012 I just finished my first project using Next Analytics. It takes some time to get your initial workbook setup and formatted for easy printing, but will save a lot of time in the future. I customized a few widgets by going into the actions sheets to add filters and change headings. This is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. I also had a more complex comparison worksheet that looks at two disparate time periods. I contacted support and they created a custom workbook for me in a few hours!

Useful tool & Excellent customer support

 5 stars  - —March 23, 2012 Next Analytics is a very useful tool that works perfectly ! If you have any question about the program, customer support always help you to solve the problem and answers very quickly, they are very professional ! I certainly recommend Next Analytics.

The Sky is the Limit! So Excited…

 5 stars - Brian M —Jan. 04, 2012    
During the evaluation period, I had some concerns that this might not be the tool I needed since it did not yet have support for Adwords API. But I soon realized that the value this brings to the table for GA automation alone is Easily worth the price. I am amazed at how much manipulation can be automated with the tool. Awesome Support…these guys have clearly been there and done that and they have thought of about everything. The modular nature of the scripting actions and data is great.

Great Time Saver

 5 stars  — petere —Feb. 21, 2012  I’ve tried a few other Analytics plug ins but this is by far the best. Out of the box there are some great example dashboards and then when you get the hang of it the production of customised reports is a breeze. Well done guys!

Powerful Tool and Best Customer Service Ever

 5 stars  - James —Jan. 02, 2012    
This tool really gives a great ability to extract data into excel from GA. It takes no time compared to extracting from the interface. Additionally, I have never had as Good Customer service as from Next Analytics. Ward is amazing, responds extremely quickly, and always has a solution. Anyone who is doing ongoing reporting and creating dashboards using Google Analytics (and additional social services) should get this tool!

Fantastic by every measure!

  5 stars —  Pablo G. — May 23, 2012 Considering the time it’s saved me, NextAnalytics must be one the best purchases I’ve made. The solution is powerful yet simple to use, and the support they provide is unheard of – they reply right away with clear and thorough details, no canned answers and no offshore call centers. Ward, Mike, I’m a grateful fan and the praise you receive is well deserved.

Great tool and wonderful support

5 stars  - celbridgespan – June 01, 2012 We’ve been using Next Analytics for several months. The fact that we can easily build dashboards around both Twitter and Facebook and customize to get exactly the reports we need is fantastic. And when we have encountered a question or problem, Next Analytics support has replied within minutes of us placing a request. Can’t recommend this tool highly enough for Excel-savvy social media users!

Excellent software and great support

 5 stars  — jrturner992 —Feb. 06, 2012 I have been very impressed with the quality of the software itself and the support provided by the NextAnalytics team. Highly Recommended.

Best GA Tool

 5 stars 
— Mohamed A —March 22, 2012 Works exactly as expected, very fast and powerful.

Best Customer Support Ever!

 5 stars  - Michael P —March 16, 2012 I was doing some work that needed to stretch the limits of Google’s AdWords API. Typically I would have to give up on my outlandish ambitions, but Next enables me to automate multiple API queries into a single call. Anyway, I did not know how to do this so I e-mailed tech support. I received responses and a solution with 2 minutes and 15 minutes respectively. But Next didn’t stop with merely answering my question, the support actually wrote a blog post and tutorial within a couple of hours.

Impressed of the capabilities!

 5 stars  - shannon yelland —March 09, 2012 Just purchased a license and in it for 4 days already. I am really excited and impressed of the robust capabilities —I know for a fact that it will save myself and my clients tons of time with monthly dashboard reporting. I have tried a few products out there and this is the best one. It is very intuitive and bug-free so far. I like the fast response via email —actually made me jump from trail to purchase the same day knowing that someone is there behind the product. Money well spent indeed!

These guys rock!

 5 stars  - cbf.account —March 02, 2012  To repeat @petere’s comments, this is an excellent product with great out-of-the-box capabilities. It’s pretty easy to figure out and they provide free webinars. If you have any questions Mike and Ward and the rest of the team are always there happy to help. They are incredibly responsive and supportive. I’m not very familiar with Excel but they are helping me learn how to go beyond the provided reports to customize and build what I need. Highly Recommended!!

Awesome Product

 5 stars  - cris —Jan. 17, 2012
Thank you for all of your help. You really went out of your way. You guys offer an amazing product and truly amazing service. Cris

Extremely Powerful

 5 stars  - Jeffrey Nichols —March 02, 2012    
Once you get the hang of it NextAnalytics is amazingly powerful & will save your reporting team endless hours of repetitive tasks. Additionally, if you hit any roadblocks along the way their support levels are the highest I’ve seen from a software company. No client is too small.

Exceptional Service

 5 stars  - alice.dickey —Jan. 31, 2012    
Next Analytics is a must have when it comes reporting web analytics. The software is truly amazing with all that it can do to help make reporting more efficient. Also, the staff is extremely helpful with an attentive support team and free webinars! This reporting tool is the way to go.