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Corporate History: More than a Decade of Success

Founded in 2003, NEXT Analytics was founded to bring the power of business intelligence analysis to the then emerging field of analytics. The company’s solutions respond to the needs of corporate marketing, sales, operations and communications teams, managers and professionals, agencies, and social marketers who need to analyze, understand and report on Web traffic and social media, as well as their connection to other organizational goals.

An industry pioneer, NEXT remains at the forefront of the industry, offering clients solutions that pair class-leading analytics capabilities with excellent customer support. With more than a decade of experience working analytics community, NEXT has helped thousands of customers and their clients meet business requirements through the delivery of effective reports and dashboards. NEXT Analytics is the only reporting software to earn and maintain a five star rating in the Google Analytics Applications Gallery.


NEXT’s mission is to help its customers deliver Web traffic and social media measurement and analysis to their stakeholders, clients and customers efficiently and cost-effectively with powerful but flexible Microsoft Office and Web-based solutions. NEXT helps organizations work smarter to develop and refine strategies and tactics based on insight and evidence. Clients use NEXT’s solutions to provide critical decision support to businesses of all sizes across all industries in 35 countries.


NEXT Analytics creates best in class analytics solutions to overcome the limitations of various web and social media platforms, and bridge the gaps between various platforms to provide information critical to evidence-based improvements to corporate strategy. NEXT believes Web traffic and social media measurement solutions should empower clients to realize the full potential of their data.

The Team

NEXT’s team brings together professionals with decades of experience converting raw data into useful business information. This experience encompasses IT, business and Internet analytics, ranging across successful technology startups to large established technology firms. All of these varied experiences have had in common a basis in helping people to achieve business objectives, and this principle is inherent in NEXT Analytics.