Adwords Campaigns Overview Top 10 by Spend Clicks Value

Adwords Campaigns Overview

Top 10 by Spend, Clicks, and Value

This fully automated report runs inside Microsoft Excel and helps you recognize which campaigns are your best and worst performers.

It automatically fills in the report with data from your Adwords Account and publishes the result as an attractive PDF file or Excel file.

Files can be easily sent in PDF or Excel format by email or shared on Google Drive. The process is fully automated.

Best of all, since it is an Excel report, you have full control over its appearance, layout and content.

Since it operates in Excel, your private data securely kept and processed on your own computer — there is no copy of it processed elsewhere on the cloud.

Description of the Reports

There are several views of your data, at increasing levels of detail. You can send just the portions that you want just by hiding the worksheets that you don’t want people to see.

The first view of the data is the Campaign Overview. It gives you a high level view of your data and what happened as a result of changes to your campaigns.



There’s a a second view, which is a short summary, intended for the busy executive.


And, for those who are interested in more detail. there are three detailed views, one for each of Cost, Clicks, and Total Conversion Value. For example, here’s the Cost analysis.



There are three sections to this report. One for the

  • most recent period,
  • previous period, and
  • the same period one year ago.

There are three detailed views of the data: Cost, Clicks and Conversion Value. Each view shows the sum and average of the any campaigns that were not in the top ten. It takes advantage of Excel Conditional Bars, which quickly give you a sense of the contribution of your top ten campaigns.

What you can accomplish by using these reports

You get a snapshot view of the performance of your campaigns.  You can quickly see the best performing campaigns for each metric, as compared to each other, but also how each one did, over multiple reporting periods.

Know which campaigns are working, and which ones aren’t, will help you to assign targets and budget according to your campaign strategies. Is it a campaign that you care more about reducing cost, maximizing clicks, or maximizing total conversion value.

Full awareness of campaign performance is an important first step when it comes to optimizing ad groups, ads, keywords, and bids.

Why read a report which focuses on Top Ten in so many ways?

Reviewing your top ten campaigns gives you important planning information, such as:

Do the top ten represent a significant proportion of your overall cost, clicks, or value?

Or is it more spread out more evenly among all campaigns? The detailed views give you a sense of the shape of your distribution (Skewed, or long-tail).

Do the top ten campaigns have characteristics similar to the rest?

Is there a sense that the top ten are different than the majority in terms of cost, clicks and value?

How do the values compare to previous period or the same period a year ago?

  • Is it the same campaigns?
  • Do the top ten campaigns  have different characteristics in their cost, clicks and value?

How is this information actionable?

By knowing which campaigns are in the top ten, then you can:

  • If you change anything in the top ten campaigns, this will have a leveraged effect on your overall performance. Such impact may be desirable, it may not. Just knowing who your top ten campaigns are helps you decide.
  • Study these top ten campaigns. You might see things that you are doing that could be applied to the lesser performing campaigns to improve their performance.

Why else do you analyze at the campaign level? Because it helps you set targets and budgets at the campaign level, and this allows you to spend your advertising budget wisely and improve your results, without spending a lot of time learning or operating. It greatly reduces the trial and error and lets you make informed decisions in a timely manner.

NEXT reports are fully customizable by any Excel user. They are powerful enough to suit any customer needs now matter how many accounts and campaigns they are operating.

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