An Easy Way to Improve Your Facebook Content and Ad Targetting

Five Reasons You Should Care About the Reach Metric when planning your Facebook Ads.

Reach is a metric  from Facebook that tells how many people saw an ad.

Reach is not the same as a person seeing an Ad multiple times, nor is it the same as someone clicking on the ad. These are different metrics, available separately.

By seeing how many people saw your ads, it helps you to see if your Targeting is broad enough, or being sent to too small a community.

You can see which days had more people seeing your Ad.  If you knew this, you could:

  • refine your targeting to focus your investment to those days, and the Ads which do well on those days.
  • Analyze why certain Ads are not doing well on certain days, and make adjustments either to the content or the Targeting.
  • Plan future Posts, knowing that certain content works better on certain days.
  • When Looking at each day, you can see which campaigns did better than other campaigns on those days.
  • When looking at the trends for each Campaign, you can see which campaigns are doing better, and if there’s a colour that stands out, you’re seeing that those days did particularly well.