The Biggest Surprise of the 2016 LA Auto Show!

People love cars. People love posting about cars on Instagram. Analyzing the Los Angeles Auto Show grams was fun for us because it gave us so much data to work with. Car brands from all over the world touched down in California to show off their brand new vehicles. Porsche, Maserati, Ferrari – the usual characters. Mitsubishi brought their concept car, Subaru had some cute kids talking about car safety. It was the usual jam.

But what was truly interesting for us was the drastic difference in concern for the environment from last year to this year.


Anomalies are always interesting to find, and it’s not every day that we come across an anomaly as strong as this one. But, it turns out, people care more than ever about energy efficient cars, fuel consumption, and fuel emissions. And when we say more than ever, we really mean it.


LA Auto Show Keyword Mentions Consumption Emission Emissions Efficiency

Mentions for keywords about lower fuel consumption, cleaner emissions, and more efficiency blew up this year, with these four words alone seeing a 470% increase in use.

The numbers don’t lie: The biggest trend of the 2016 LA Auto Show is the desire for a greener auto industry!


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