How to Spot eCommerce Trends

Trends in your eCommerce Your eCommerce reports will often look like a line graph. You can view the ongoing progress of your conversions, but what is important from a business perspective is trends. Business people [...]

Verify Your Shopping Cart Data

A Concern About Accuracy We at Next Analytics were recently contacted by a business person who believed that their Google Analytics data was flawed. Our client explained that they used an eCommerce platform for everything, [...]

How to Get a Simple and Efficient Data Refresh Solution

Attended Downloads When you refresh spreadsheets with Excel, you can't do very much else with that computer while it is processing the data. That's why we offer a supplemental program that runs outside of Excel. You [...]

How to update the automated refresher program: “nxacmd”

Background: nxacmd is a Windows Console program that Windows Task Scheduler can start. This is all you need to have zero-touch fully automated data refreshes. INSTRUCTIONS to update NXACMD Lets assume the person who installed nxacmd [...]

Support for Version 4 of Google Analytics Reporting API 

Version 4 of the API lets you access the following new features: Multiple Date Ranges Show both for comparison; or Google will automatically subtract metrics to show the delta Histogram Buckets     "dimensions":[     [...]