Automated Daily Performance Reports

This fully automated cloud-based report examines data each day and based on the daily data, it identifies as an item as in being in the top 33%, middle 33%, and bottom 33%. That's where the high medium and low come from. It's possible to go more or less granular: quartiles, quintiles, percentiles, above/below average, and [...]

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How Next Analytics helps with Facebook Advertising

What does this look like to you? It is web analytics data pertaining to a company’s Facebook advertising. In terms of web analytics data, this table is full of golden information. Unfortunately, it is not arranged in a way that makes it easy to immediately see the results. With Next Analytics, you can obtain [...]

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Download multiple fan page metrics to a Database

Web Analytics for Social Media Comparing current information to previous periods is one way that web analysts can judge the success of their company’s online presence. When using social media for advertising, you can compare current ads to previous ones. Depending on the metrics you use, you can see what effect each [...]

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Custom Data Grouping

Web Analytics for Business People If you are a business person, you will want to gain insights from your web analytics relevant to your business. Web analytics products like Google Analytics can make this difficult. First, GA needs you to be logged in to view reports. You can create a variety reports if you [...]

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Web Analytics Reporting from a Database

Why you, as a businessperson or web analyst, should put your web analytics data on a database. Google Analytics is free to use. It is relatively easy to incorporate into an existing webpage. It generates reports that meet most simple needs of a business. Beyond that, there are a number of challenges to working [...]

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How to Spot eCommerce Trends

Trends in your eCommerce Your eCommerce reports will often look like a line graph. You can view the ongoing progress of your conversions, but what is important from a business perspective is trends. Business people need to compare sales from previous periods to current periods. NEXT Analytics makes that easy. Our product has a [...]

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5 reasons To Download Google Analytics Data to Your Own Database

Your company uses services: CRM, HR, Ads, Marketing and many more services. Knowing this, management demands reports that blend the data from all these sources, including data from web and social media companies. You are the web analyst. That means you are knowledgable in the free reporting that’s available from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, [...]

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Adwords Update: May 2017, Latest Reports

During May 2017, Google released a new version of their Adwords interface. You can browse the reports that are now available, as well as the data columns that you can download using the Custom Query option. Data can be used in Excel, Google Data Studio, Power BI, and many other query and reporting tools. [...]

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How to Get a Simple and Efficient Data Refresh Solution

Attended Downloads When you refresh spreadsheets with Excel, you can't do very much else with that computer while it is processing the data. That's why we offer a supplemental program that runs outside of Excel. You can refresh spreadsheets and download data with it and it won't lock up your computer during the downloads. The [...]

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Integrate NEXT Analytics With Google Data Studio

How can you Improve upon Google Analytics Data Studio? Automate Custom Data Processing before you upload into GDS! Report on multiple views and segments on the same report. Stop Google Data Sampling (in most cases) Enhanced multi-period reporting dimension normalization, on-the-fly calculations, iterative filters, and pivoting, and How does it work? After downloading and processing [...]

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