Competitive Analysis of Facebook Fan Pages

Gather marketing intelligence by Analyzing Facebook Fan Pages

Anything visible on someone’s fan page is available to NEXT Analytics for data mining. You can get valuable information about almost anyone or anything:

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This capability is built-in to a NEXT Analytics subscription. Just download a free trial from the menu above, and then download the document linked below.  Once you have authorized NEXT Analytics to use your Facebook account, you can configure and refresh the report to see fresh numbers.

NEXT Analytics software automatically fetches up to the moment data from Facebook from within Excel.

You can build refreshable reports. Check them once a month and you’ll have an excellent view of your competitive environment. Get a sense of market share, and players who are trending up or down in popularity and fan engagement.

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You can get the up to date numbers in your inbox every month.  No technical footprint!  The reports can be customized on demand.

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