An Alternative Way to Create a Google Analytics segment

NEXT Analytics presents An Alternative Way to Create a Google Analytics Segment!

A segment created by NEXT Analytics is just as powerful as one created using Google Analytics.

In many ways it is more versatile and easier to administer.

  • Perhaps you need a segment that doesn’t exist, and you only need it for one query.
  • Perhaps you want to create a segment that automatically gets created with your query, and
  • Perhaps you don’t want have to worry about which Google Login, web property or account, or View you are reporting on. That the segment will just be there and will work for you.

It’s created in a nice user interface that lets you choose dimensions and metrics and specify filter values.

When the query is submitted, the segment is evaluated first. It eliminates web hits in order for you to isolate data, to create business “segments”.

  • advertising / marketing campaigns
  • geographic territories
  • Time ranges
  • Product groups
  • Demographics
  • Content groups
  • Custom dimensions

If you’re planning to use segments, this one great alternative!

A super-easy user Interface…

Select a dimension, choose a comparison operator and enter some values.

Or, select a metric, choose a comparison operator, and enter some values.

It’s that easy!

Create a New Google Analytics Segment