Custom Data Grouping

Web Analytics for Business People

If you are a business person, you will want to gain insights from your web analytics relevant to your business. Web analytics products like Google Analytics can make this difficult. First, GA needs you to be logged in to view reports. You can create a variety reports if you know what you are doing, but your ability to customize the presentation of the report is limited. The reports provided are intended for use by web analysts, not business people.

Business users want to group sales transactions according to regions, or attribute them to specific people. Suppose you wanted to group sales in Seattle, Spokane, and Vancouver into a single group and refer to it as “Mark’s Territory.” This simply cannot be done using Google Analytics. It could be done using business intelligence software, but Google Analytics does not support transferring data into BI software.

Customize Your Reports

NEXT Analytics solves both these problems. Using NEXT, you can group and rename categories easily, creating reports that match your business’ unique needs. These reports will automatically update, remaining relevant without being rebuilt every week. This saves you time, effort, and money.

Grouping locations is only the start. Would you like custom time periods, such as 45 days? No other web analytics product allows this, but NEXT Analytics can. Get the information you want at a glance, keep it updated automatically, and view it offline, without logging in.

Create Reports that will Remain Useful for Your Business

Web analytics reports, created for business users' needs, that update automatically with no additional maintenance. The same report with fresh data for every weekly meeting.