Daily YouTube Analytics by Subscribed Status

Organize daily YouTube analytics by subscribed status

NEXT Analytics lets you organize your daily YouTube analytics by subscribed status and put it in Excel or in the Cloud.  If you have subscribed and unsubscribed viewers of your YouTube videos, playlists and channels, this can be a really useful dashboard because you can see how statistics differ each day between subscribed and unsubscribed users.  Plus, having the information in Excel or in the cloud makes it really easy to work with.

The daily YouTube analytics by subscribed dashboard shows you a lot of data on important metrics, such as daily YouTube views, likes, dislikes, videos added to playlists, videos removed from playlists, and shares.  With this dashboard, you can compare how subscribed and unsubscribed YouTube viewers react to your YouTube content.

The dashboard also tells you a lot about how long subscribed and unsubscribed interact with your YouTube content.  The report fetches daily estimated minutes watched, average view duration and average view percentage for both subscribed and unsubscribed YouTube viewers.

If you use annotations on your YouTube videos, this NEXT Analytics dashboard will tell you a huge amount of information about how they perform.  For example, it will show you the annotation click rate, the annotation click through rate, the annotation close rate, and more.

The following YouTube metrics are available to you organized by subscribed status:

  • day
  • views
  • likes
  • dislikes
  • videosAddedToPlaylists
  • videosRemovedFromPlaylists
  • shares
  • estimatedMinutesWatched
  • averageViewDuration
  • averageViewPercentage
  • annotationClickThroughRate
  • annotationCloseRate
  • annotationImpressions
  • annotationClickableImpressions
  • annotationClosableImpressions
  • annotationClicks
  • annotationCloses
  • cardClickRate
  • cardTeaserClickRate
  • cardImpressions
  •  cardTeaserImpressions
  • cardClicks
  • cardTeaserClicks

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