Display AdWords Conversion Rate in Excel

Use the power of Excel spreadsheet to uncover Conversion Rate trends in AdWords marketing campaigns. Create custom dashboards in Microsoft Excel that visualize important trends in your conversion rate data. Customize your report the way you like and then use NEXT to refresh your AdWords Conversion Rate data automatically. Share your results easily via automated email or file transfer, or upload it to Google Drive, NEXT Cloud, or other storage solutions.


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What is Conversion Rate?
Your AdWords conversion rate is equal to the number of conversions divided by the number of total ad clicks that can be tracked to a conversion during the same time period. A conversion is any meaningful action completed by a visitor on your website. An AdWords conversion can reflect a number of digital marketing goals, from subscribing to your blog, downloading a document, making a purchase, or even viewing an important webpage on your site.

Why is Conversion Rate Important?
Conversion rate data helps identify which AdWords campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads and Keywords, and landing pages, and which combinations, generate the most conversions. Analyze conversion rate to reduce wasted spend, gain more quality clicks, and improve your return on investment. Both high conversion rate and low conversion rate offer valuable and actionable insights. Invest more resources into the parts of your AdWords marketing strategy that are already producing a conversion rate. Use your custom report as a guide to identify and improve those parts of your advertising program that aren’t resulting in as many conversions.


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