Download Facebook Posts, Comments and Users from Facebook Pages

Valuable data about the users and their posts, comments, shares, and likes

Unlimited Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Downloads for just $19.95/month (billed monthly, unsubscribe any time)

Quick. Easy. No Training Necessary.

It’s very easy and quick. It takes just a few clicks and less than a minute, and you can have all the Facebook posts you want, on your computer. Watch the video and you’ll see!

Key Features

Even though it’s easy to use, NEXT Analytics has a lot of power built-in. For example,

  1. Specify a single page, or a group of them. They don’t have to be pages that you administer. They can be competitors or organizations who operate in a market. You can have as many or few as you want.
  2. For a range of time that you specify, even a specific day or small range of exact days.
  3. If you like the sound of this but need help with configuring or operating your solution, you can consider using our services for a fixed monthly cost of $250/month.

Get the data, do anything with it

If you don’t want the data Excel, you can also save the data in other ways:

  • a file that can be imported into a business intelligence reporting or analysis tool; or
  • into a local database such as SQL Server or MySQL or
  • into a database on the cloud using Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud SQL, or Microsoft Azure; or
  • a Google Spreadsheet.