Download Engaged Users on Instagram

See who your fans and haters are.  Downloading your Instagram Engaged Users can allow you to reach out to user accounts for all kinds of further information about how they interact with your brand.  There are many ways that you can download groups of media information.  We talked about them in the article Download Instagram Media Information.  Once you have decided the best way to gather your media, you can also get a list of user accounts who have engaged with the media.

Download Instagram Accounts Engaged with your Hahstag

Easily get a list of users who are engaged with any hashstag.  See what account is engaging with the most media posted with the hashtag.  Perhaps it is yours, perhaps it is your competitors.

See Accounts Engaged with your Events

You can track comments made on media posted within up to 5 kilometers of a location you specify.    This lets gather a list of all the accounts who have engaged with media posted in this location.  This could help you gauge a level of interest in the event.  See if there are any trends, perhaps one account is engaged with all the media posted near your event.

See who is Engaged with your Account

Sometimes you just want to see who is engaged with media you post.  Get an up to date summary of all the users engaged with your account.  Track a whole market by keeping up to date on who is engaged multiple competitors, see who the movers and shakers are.

To easily curate a list of Accounts that you wish to monitor engagement for, you can choose to get information about all the media in your feed.  This lets you follow all the Instagram accounts that you are interested in analyzing.  This has the benefit of allowing you to manage your list in Instagram right when you see a new brand you want to follow.  The next time you fetch the data, the engagned users list will include all of the engaged users on the new account.

If you are more selective, you can like specific media to track the comments on them.  This can be an easy way to flag specific media for monitoring using NEXT Analytics, knowing that your reporting suite will gather all engaged users on these media postings for later analysis.

When fetching engaged users, you can see the following information about any Instagram Account

  • Media ID
  • username
  • id
  • full_name
  • bio
  • profile_picture