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Web Analytics for Social Media

Comparing current information to previous periods is one way that web analysts can judge the success of their company’s online presence. When using social media for advertising, you can compare current ads to previous ones. Depending on the metrics you use, you can see what effect each ad has had over time. See what effect your advertising had on social media engagement.

Comparing to other Companies

A good business person will want more comparisons than present to past data. Next Analytics allows you to compare your social media metrics to other companies. Using Next, you can easily compare Facebook fan pages of any company to each other and to your own.

When your posts go out, they generate a buzz and go viral. How well do your competitors perform? Find out who in your industry is performing the best in social media.

What Else Does Next Analytics Offer?

Next Analytics gives you the information you need to make informed decisions about your social media posts. Create customized reports that meet your needs and refresh with updated information to stay current. Work with your web analytics data offline in a database of your choice, making it easy for anyone to access. Share your insights with stakeholders throughout the company.

Compare & Contrast Facebook pages

Compare your page against industry leaders or competitors using customized reports