Download PIWIK data, Fully Automatic, and Free.

This is probably the most boring blog post on the planet, but if you need PIWIK data, then you will be very excited to read this article.

NEXT Analytics offers free software that downloads data, in addition to a wide variety of other data:

  • Google Analytics,
  • PIWIK data,

And it also does social, as well as database queries and file imports…

  • Facebook,
  • Instagram,
  • Twitter,
  • YouTube,
  • SQL databases (local and cloud),
  • Import Data Files

Downloads can be fully automated and monitored using mobile devices.

After the data is downloaded, users can create custom analytics on-the-fly.

For easy distribution, NEXT Analytics will automatically put data into:

  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Google Spreadsheets
  • Google Drive
  • SQL databases (local or remote)


Downloading data and analyzing on desktop computers achieves the following:

  • Reduces PIWIK training costs
  • Reduces risk of dependency on people with a narrow skill set.
  • Avoids making them critical path and bottleneck to user requests
  • Avoids having to put PIWIK Admin in workflow of staff onboarding and exits


When you develop Analytics outside of PIWIK, you use IT infrastructure that’s already in place.

  1. Already approved platform.
  2. Can be integrated within existing reporting workflows
  3. Less to learn, same workflows, means higher user acceptance.
  4. Leverages existing IT investment

You can use Free or PRO version of NEXT Analytics to Download PIWIK data. With PRO, you get our top-notch support.

And also a wide range of other data sources, Fully Automatic, and Free.