How to download Youtube Channels, Playlists, and Videos to Excel and BI databases

Download the data from public YouTube Channels, Playlists, and Videos.

After installing the Excel Addin, click Custom then Click YouTube Data

Choose where the data goes to.

By default, it will put the data into a worksheet.

You can change it later to put it into a database or Google Spreadsheet.


Login to YouTube

Even if you are querying public YouTube channels, playlists, and videos, you still need to login.

If you do have your own channel, then you will be able to download YouTube Insights data.


Choose the date range

If you’re tempted to request a long period of time on a busy page, because engaged users and comments can take a long time to download. If you want a lot of data, then you’ll get it. If you are just exploring data downloads from YouTube, choose a short date range.

  1. Choose the kind of data that you want to download
  2. Paste the URL to the YouTube channel
  3. Click search
  4. Choose the correct YouTube page by clicking on them item (or items)
  5. Click Save
  6. Close the dialog box

Start the download by clicking Refresh Spreadsheet

After the download is complete, you can see it in an Excel worksheet

Want something easier? Try the pre-built spreadsheets!

Follow the instructions (above) but instead of clicking Refresh spreadsheet, try Refresh Data

  1. Click the checkbox for YouTube Public Channels
  2. Click the checkbox for “Open in Excel After” if you want that
  3. Click the green button, to start the downloads

When the downloads are complete, you’ll have a complete picture of the YouTube channel you chose earlier.