Download NEXT Analytics to your computer!

Install on a Windows Computer
Install on a Mac

You are two clicks away from downloading the software to try it out.

First, you have to identify what kind of computer you use then the correct software will download.

You will also see a variety of videos which will show you how to accomplish what you’re interested in.

  • Facebook users, learn how to download posts, comments, engaged user lists, shares, and likes, and reactions.
  • Twitter users can download profiles and search for tweets.
  • Instagram users can download posts, users, and location.
  • YouTube channels, playlists, and videos.
  • Google Analytics and Adwords users get full access to the data and you can build powerful reports.
  • Other data sources are included with the same package:
  • Piwik
  • Bing
  • SQL
  • and more!


Three types of licenses to choose from

About your first-time installation

If this is the first time you’ve installed, by default your computer will be in Free mode.

After you make a payment, depending on what you chose, you click a button to provide your license code and the installation changes to that type of package. For example, if you buy a PRO package, the same software (no new download is needed) will now operate as a PRO package.

Many of our packages automatically renew at the end of the period. If you don’t want this to happen, you can un-subscribe at any time. You will be able to keep using the software with the full capabilities that you purchased.

If your software doesn’t renew, then it will switch to Free mode at the end of the period you paid for.