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How to Implement Unsampled Data Access using Analytics 360

After you have purchased Analytics 360, it is very convenient to continue with the interactive dashboards. But sometimes your requests result in sampling conditions (greater than 500,000) sessions. Click the button that appears on your ribbon bar (in Windows), and you can get more detail which query is being sampled. At [...]

Integrate NEXT Analytics With Google Data Studio

How can you Improve upon Google Analytics Data Studio? Automate Custom Data Processing before you upload into GDS! Report on multiple views and segments on the same report. Stop Google Data Sampling (in most cases) Enhanced multi-period reporting dimension normalization, on-the-fly calculations, iterative filters, and pivoting, and How does it [...]

Avoid Google Analytics Data Sampling

This blog describes an easy and free technique to avoid Google Analytics Data Sampling without having to pay for Google Analytics 360 (aka Premium).  If you have Premium, it might save you from the two step process described here. Sampled data is wrong data. There's a lot at stake, if [...]

Learn to analyze multiple segments and why you should do it

Analyze Multiple Segments: Why do it? In many cases, you might want to analyze multiple segments in order to: put them on the same report to compare them combine them for a subtotal look for outliers Only NEXT Analytics offers the ability to analyze multiple segments in the same report, [...]

Google Analytics Multi-View Analysis

Main Reason to do Multi-View Analysis It's very common to hit the maximum number of goals that a View supports.  Web analysts will create additional Views as new Goals are introduced. They do this because they don't want to delete or re-use old goals because they are still historically relevant. [...]

Handle High-Volume Downloads by Saving to a File

To handle high-volume downloads, NEXT Analytics saves to a file. Having data in a file lets you easily work in other applications or import the data into a database for use in a business intelligence data warehouse. This sample video shows how to download Twitter Followers of any Twitter user, [...]