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How To Customize a Google Analytics Script

Explanation You can edit NEXT Analytics script directly. Many people find this faster, easier and even a bit fun. To get started, we will explain the following popular requirements: dimensions metrics change the numeric filters change the text filters change the numeric sort The advantage of doing this with NEXT [...]

How To Avoid Google Data Sampling — For Free

Has your analytics run aground because you've started seeing Google Data Sampling appear? GOOGLE DATA SAMPLING - WHAT IS IT? When a web site experiences more than 500,000 sessions that covers the same time range as what you’re querying, then GA ignores some of your data. Google refers to this [...]

Dimensional Aggregation and Rollup Made Easy

To get the answers we want, sometimes it's desirable to rolled up or aggregate a overly detailed dimension. This can apply to any data source including Google Analytics, PIWIK, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SQL Queries and more. To demonstrate the value of rolling up detailed dimensions, a good example would [...]

Unlocking Cohorts in Web and Social Media Analytics

You don’t need to be Houdini to escape the limitations of your Analytics Service. You just need NEXT Analytics Free or PRO Excel Addin. Although this works equally well for PIWIK , consider this example using Google Analytics. NEXT Analytics can create a cohort much more powerful than Google [...]

Google Analytics Goals Scorecard

Web analysts must create and maintain reports which show the how well a web site or app is achieving the business' objectives. This sample Google Analytics Goals Report shows goals data for current period, previous period and same period a year ago. This Google Analytics Goals report makes it easy to [...]

Manage your Google Analytics Filters in Excel

Spam referrals are a problem for everyone.  You use hundreds of filters across hundreds of views to give you a better view of your business. Changing each one of your hundreds of filters to remove spam could take you all day to accomplish!  With a little bit of setup, NEXT [...]