Excel Twitter Analytics Shows All Tweets at Once in a Spreadsheet

Excel Twitter Analytics Shows All Tweets at Once in a Spreadsheet

Export Twitter tweets into a customizable Excel spreadsheet. NEXT takes the grunt work out of manual reporting by fetching Twitter tweets for each day and organizing them into Excel, Google Spreadsheet, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, or other spreadsheet software. Click once to refresh the data yourself as often as you like, or make life even easier by scheduling NEXT’s automatic refresh so that you always have up-to-date tweets (including overnight tweets) ready and waiting for you every morning.


Attention Market Researchers
Use this dashboard to gain insight into public opinion of your own brand: If you use Twitter to perform market research to learn what people are saying about your brand, your product or your company, this report is for you.

The best part is, you don’t have to waste time sitting in front of your Twitter feed waiting for a juicy tweet to appear.
Plus, for each tweet on the list, NEXT will show:

  • Their Screen name: so you can keep track of who says what
  • How many followers they have: This can be a great indicator of how influential a person is
  • How many people they follow: This can indicate their influences and preferences, and what direction they might be heading
  • How many tweets they’ve tweeted: This will indicate how active they are on Twitter
  • How many times they have been favourite: This will indicate how popular their tweets tend to be with others
  • How many retweets they have
  • What time they tweeted: so you can track when they are most active and when you may want to target your tweets

How to Get Your Own Daily Tweet Report

  1. Install NEXT Analytics to your computer. (Download a FREE 14-day trial)
  2. Download: tw-daily-twitter
  3. Click on the “NEXT Analytics” tab on the ribbon bar and then click “Subscription” to get your Confirmation Code.


  1. Click “Publish” to authorize NEXT for Google Analytics


  1. Click “Refresh Data”


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