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Integrate NEXT Analytics With Google Data Studio

How can you Improve upon Google Analytics Data Studio? Automate Custom Data Processing before you upload into GDS! Report on multiple views and segments on the same report. Stop Google Data Sampling (in most cases) [...]

Handle High-Volume Downloads by Saving to a File

To handle high-volume downloads, NEXT Analytics saves to a file. Having data in a file lets you easily work in other applications or import the data into a database for use in a business intelligence [...]

YouTube Demographics Breakdown Report

See the demographics (age and sex) of the people who are watching your YouTube videos or channels in a customizable, refreshable report in Excel or in the Cloud NEXT analytics will fetch important demographic information [...]

YouTube Daily Views by Traffic Source

A refreshable YouTube report showing daily YouTube views by traffic source in Excel or in the Cloud Which traffic source yields the most views of your YouTube videos?  This report will tell you.  Traffic sources [...]