Excellent Analytics for Excel Users

Microsoft Excel: The Perfect Tool for Custom Reports and Dashboards

Excel is a useful tool for preparing and presenting data to managers in an organization.

  • Working in Excel means one less tool to keep track of
  • Excel is a familiar interface
  • Excel lets you combine data from multiple data sources
  • Use Excel formulas, charts, and pivot tables
  • Excel lets you define and calculate customized KPIs
  • In Excel, you can build dashboards just the way you like them
  • Share Excel workbooks with other Excel users

Web and social media analytics often involves exporting data and then importing it into Excel.

The problem is that importing often involves manual steps. These are time consuming and error-prone. Often it means only a single person in an organization knows how to do it and that’s a problem for the both the person and the organization.

Excel Addins can make bringing the data into Excel automatic.

About Excellent Analytics Excel Plugin

Excellent Analytics is a free Excel Plugin (aka Addin) that brings Google Analytics directly into a spreadsheet.

It was last updated and released in 2012, so the product currently has no developer support and no product roadmap.

In the meantime, Google Analytics has continued to expand the data available to Web analysts.

Excellent Analytics has fallen behind, leaving users to struggle with the tool.

Even though it doesn’t cost anything to buy, wasted time is wasted money. Also, not getting the latest dimensions and metrics can give you less information than you need.

NEXT Analytics can Upgrade Your Excellent Analytics Experience

NEXT Analytics can import the dashboards you have built with Excellent Analytics. including both the free and the PRO version. Watch and see how easy upgrade from the free version can be!

Watch the video

Needless to say, NEXT is a far more powerful tool, and it’s also up to date. It is by far the leading Excel Addin for accessing Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube data.