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People love Excellent Analytics because it is a free Excel Addin that brings Google Analytics directly into a spreadsheet.

Excellent Analytics Users: Why upgrade?

The last time that Excellent Analytics was updated was as far back as 2012. Since that time, Google Analytics has greatly expanded what it can provide. Excellent Analytics needed to be kept up to date, but it wasn’t. Users of Excellent Analytics are missing out on a great deal.

NEXT is the top-ranked Excel Addin for Google Analytics. It has the highest number of five-star ratings of any product, mostly because of our GREAT SUPPORT.

  • Eliminates data sampling
  • One click data refresh or fully automated with Windows Task Scheduler
  • Will even send your reports by email as PDF or Excel files
  • Includes cost data upload included no extra charge
  • Multi-channel funnels, Goals, custom variables, Custom dimensions and custom metrics
  • PORTABLE Custom segments and filters
NEXT is not a SAAS — your software runs on your own computer, just like Excellent Analytics does. Fully secure, and self-sufficient with no penalties for volume or number of profiles

New Dimensions and Metrics (Added Since EA was released)

You could improve your dashboards if you had access to all this great new information. You also get improved security and more rapid response from Google.

Category New Dimensions and Metrics — Available for better analysis
Traffic Source Designated Market Ara (DMA) region
Source + medium
New Date/Time ga:minute (A two-digit minute of the hour ranging from 00-59.)
ga:isoYear and ga:isoYearIsoWeek
nthMinute, day of week, day of week name
nth month, nth week, nth day,
Socio-demographics Age bracket, gender, affinity, market interest, affinity and market interest
Social network, fullurl to referrer, was-social flag,
Social Data activity, endorsing url, post, timestamp, user photo, user profile, content url, activity tags summary
Social Data user handle, activity action, activity network action,
Social Interactions Action, network, network action, target, is-socially-engaged flag
Adwords ad group, placement, placement, targeting option, destination url, content, slot, slot position, distn network,
Match type, matched query, format, targeting type, display url
Adwords customer id, campaign id, group id, creative id, criterion id
Mobile/Tablet isMobile and isTablet removed,
deviceCategory, replaces isTablet
Brand name of mobile device, mobile device info, branding and model, mobile input selector
Site Search
Events Events
E-commerce transaction, affiliation, count of visits to transaction, days to transaction
product category nae sku
local currency
User Timings – Category, label, variable, value
Content Experiments Visitor Scoped Experiment ID and Variant
Page Value transaction revenue plus goal value
Page Load sample, time, and average loadtime,
Domain lookup time, avg domainlookup, download time, redirection time,
server connection, response, speed metrics, interactive time, DOM loaded, DOM latency

Automatic Conversion of Excellent Analytics queries

NEXT makes it easy to work with your existing spreadsheets, built with Excellent Anaytics.

Watch and see how easy it is! to use NEXT to refresh them:

Watch the video


NEXT is an ALL-INCLUSIVE package

Includes: Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube analytics too!

  • Facebook Insights metrics
  • Facebook Graph – download posts, comments, shares, likes, and Facebook users to Excel
  • Twitter – get lists of followers, mentions and tweets for yourself or anyone
  • Youtube – get all metrics and subscriber counts
  • Adwords – build queries that fetch Adwords dimensions and metrics

If you want to see some sample dashboards (for all these connectors) get them here:

Sample Dashboards