Export your Twitter Followers to Excel (for You or for Anyone on Twitter!)

Export your Twitter Followers to Excel (for You or for Anyone on Twitter!)

Unlimited Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Downloads for just $19.95/month (billed monthly, unsubscribe any time)

Export all your Twitter followers into a customizable Excel spreadsheet. Unlimited Twitter followers, powerful analytics, secure export, customizable reports, automated refresh. At NEXT, we like to give you something a little extra. Not only will NEXT export all your Twitter followers to Excel, but for each one of your followers, NEXT will also show

  • How many followers they have,
  • How many people they follow,
  • How many tweets they’ve tweeted

It’s an all-in-one Twitter Analytics solution. You can even sort your data so that your followers with the most followers (i.e. potentially your most influential followers) appear at the top of your spreadsheet. Once everything is sorted just the way you like it, graph your data in Excel and customize it using Excel features.


Can’t I just ask Twitter to download my followers for me?
You could…in the same way you could ask a snail to enter a pie-eating contest. Twitter defaults return 20 users per page. You would have to spend extra time wading into the murky waters of the Twitter API. Twitter doesn’t make it easy to retrieve it. To get a list of followers from the Twitter API, you’d have to make multiple queries.

Once you get all that done, you’d have to start all over to get the number of people each follower follows. Assuming you swam out this far without getting tangled in the weeds, you’d still have to organize everything—potentially a million bits of data or more—into something you can use.

NEXT Analytics makes it easy to export your Twitter friends, followers and other lists to Microsoft Excel. Once the data is in Excel, you can build custom charts and graphs, use NEXT Analytics to perform custom queries, automatically refresh your dashboards or refresh them ad-hoc and more.