How to Upload Excel files to Google Sheets so that their data can be refreshed by NEXT Analytics

Step 1 – start the relationship between Google Drive and your installation of NEXT Analytics


Step 2 – Tell Google that you give permission for your installation of NEXT Analytics for it to access your Google Drive


Step 3 – Click the upload button. You will be prompted for one or more Excel Files. They will be uploaded into a new Google Folder. You can rename the Google Folder later by using Google Drive.


During the upload, they are converted into Google Sheets. You will no longer need the original Excel files unless you want to use those separately.


Click on the new folder and you will see what you uploaded.

You can click on one of them and see it appear in the Window beneath the folders and Sheets.



Click the Refresh button and
NEXT Analytics will get fresh data for the Google Sheet.

You can also use Windows Task Scheduler to do this for you —
Let it do the work while you are doing something else!!!