What You Need To Know about Facebook’s Latest Ad Format: Facebook Collection

After months of hushed rumours, Facebook quietly announced their newest ad format – Facebook Collection – this week. The format is an e-commerce dream: a mobile ad with a feature video or image, with a product carousel underneath it. When the user clicks a product, Facebook launches an instantly loaded ecommerce page, with a user experience similar to Canvas, which can hold up to 50 products images. After they click one of the product images, they are taken directly to the corresponding page on the advertiser’s site and they can complete their purchase.

Facebook Collection

There, Facebook Collection offers an immersive new user experience a delivering a personalized look into your online store directly into their newsfeed.


If you want step by step directions on setting up your first Facebook Collection, visit Jon Loomer’s blog, where he has an excellent write up


Or, you could always see Facebook’s explanation here.


This latest ad format from Facebook gives marketers a lot of room to work with, and it will be especially useful for advertisers in the ecommerce space who are already using dynamic ads.