Google Analytics – All-in-one Dashboard

Get started in Analytics with this easy to use, easy to customize all-in-one dashboard

it already has every single metric plotted for the past twelve months. Just click a button, and all your data shows up.

It’s easy to customize. There are three flavors of it, take your pick and customize one of them:

  1. Dark themed charts
  2. Light themed charts
  3. All the charts on one worksheet

There’s nothing to learn. Just is delete the charts you don’t want. Change┬áthe look and feel of the charts, if you want. Add your title, your logo, and you’re done. ┬áProbably less than hour’s work, click the Refresh Data Button, and you’re DONE!

Valuable data. Time spent, one hour max. Power and ease, all in one package.

Easily-affordable, too.

Get your copy of this spreadsheet on our Examples page.