Google Analytics Goals Scorecard

Web analysts must create and maintain reports which show the how well a web site or app is achieving the business’ objectives. This sample Google Analytics Goals Report shows goals data for current period, previous period and same period a year ago.

This Google Analytics Goals report makes it easy to see if things are improving both in the short term as well as the long term!

Making the Analyst’s Job Easier and More Efficient

You can get fresh data for this Google Analytics Goals report at any time on demand.

Using our cloud service, the data refresh can be full automated including having the report emailed to you.

Able to Handle Sophisticated Web Sites

Google enforces only have only twenty Google Analytics Goals per Google Analytics View. This is not a very big number and as a result, analysts are often obliged to create Views to add new or change the way business objectives are monitored.

While this happens behind the scenes, the Web Analyst is now much more complicated. With the creation of multiple Views, they must now manually merge data from multiple views when preparing reports.

The need to create more than twenty Goals, using multiple Views, is one of the more common situations.

Are Your Google Analytics Goals Spread Over Multiple Views? No Problem!

NEXT Analytics can blend goals from many Views into a single report. Our support team ( will be glad to create a custom report for you.

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