How to Spot eCommerce Trends

Trends in your eCommerce

Your eCommerce reports will often look like a line graph. You can view the ongoing progress of your conversions, but what is important from a business perspective is trends. Business people need to compare sales from previous periods to current periods.

NEXT Analytics makes that easy. Our product has a variety of features intended to make comparing data in different periods possible. Furthermore, it allows automatic updates that do not require you to login to view the report. No other web analytics product, including Google Analytics, offers this.

Saving Time

All tagged conversions are tracked in your web analytics data. With NEXT Analytics, your offline reports can be automatically updated with new data on a schedule you set. This means they will be ready to view when you begin work, instead of having to manually cue them to update during a meeting.

With NEXT Analytics, you can compare specific past periods to current periods. For example, you could compare each month this year to the same month last year. Perhaps you would prefer to compare quarters, or semiannual periods, or 45 day periods. Not only does NEXT allow you to choose your own time segments, but it will automatically roll the data forward as time passes. Your report will remain relevant to your business needs without ongoing maintenance.

Qualitative Reports

Comparing time periods of your choice allows you to see relevant information quickly and easily. Simply comparing sales numbers is not the last step, either. Create a report that shows the percentage change from one period to the next, and make the report into a heatmap for qualitative, contextual perspective.

If this sounds good to you, but you are concerned about getting exactly what you want, we offer solutions as well. Contact NEXT Analytics, and we will work with you to create a report that meets your needs. Soon you will have a graph or spreadsheet that shows your eCommerce trends in the way most useful to your business.

Customized, Qualitative Reports