How to update the automated refresher program: “nxacmd”


nxacmd is a Windows Console program that Windows Task Scheduler can start. This is all you need to have zero-touch fully automated data refreshes.


Lets assume the person who installed nxacmd created a directory named: c:\NEXT on your computer.

Within that directory, there is a a subdirectory named NEXTFiles. Altogether, it is c:\NEXT\NEXTFiles.

Within NEXTFiles, if you have one, that’s where you old version of the program named nxacmd is.

Step 1: Rename that folder to nxacmd-old.

Step 2: Create a new folder named NEXTFiles

Step 3: Download the following zip file to c:\NEXT

Step 4: Unzip the contents. On most computers, the unzip will re-create the NEXTFiles directory.