Installing using an offline .zip installer

Installing using an offline .zip installer

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Why use offline installer instead of the provided one click EXE

There are many environments that require a full testing and quality assurance cycle to get approval to install applications in a corporate environment.  This procedure allows you to provide all files required for installation to your IT department for testing.

Some environments have Virus Scanners, Malware Detectors or Ad-Blockers that are overzealous and block our installation program.  This procedure will allow you to manually approve the files for installation.  You could even unplug your computer from the network before disabling these applications allowing you to install NEXT Analytics without worrying about it blocking the installation of our product.

Having all the application files available and at hand will also allow you to create an internal deployment procedure.  This will allow you to remotely push NEXT Analytics to workstations on your network.  For Example: You would like to push the free version of our application to all of management’s computers, allowing them to easily refresh any dashboard you create with the press of a single button within Excel.  Please contact [email protected] for a custom Free only offline installer solution, which will prevent a dialog from asking what version you would like to use.

Having a fixed version of the application allows you to create server rebuild plans, without having to worry about getting approval for the new version of our application.

You can view the full instructions here:


NOTE: This does not allow you to register the product offline, you will still need an internet connection to register the product with NEXT Analytics so that you can use the application.