List of Twitter Followers (for anyone on Twitter!)

List of Twitter Followers (for anyone on Twitter!)

Automatically export all your Twitter followers into a customizable Excel spreadsheet. NEXT can get an unlimited number of Twitter followers into Excel, Google spreadsheet, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, or other spreadsheet software. Even someone with 1+ million Twitter followers can take advantage of NEXT’s powerful interface. Why waste time collecting your Twitter followers the hard way when NEXT will do it for you automatically? Just think of how much time you’ll save!

Perfect for Business and the Curious
NEXT can deliver an unlimited number of Followers for anyone on Twitter. From your favourite celebrity to your fiercest competitor, NEXT will send you a list of anyone’s Twitter followers.

Perfect for Gaining Competitive Advantage
At NEXT, we offer valuable, actionable information to help you succeed. Not only will NEXT export your followers or the followers of anyone else on Twitter, but for each one of the followers, NEXT will show:

  • How many followers they have: This can be a great indicator of how influential a person is
  • How many people they follow: This can indicate their influences and preferences, and what direction they might be heading
  • How many tweets they’ve tweeted: This will indicate how active they are on Twitter
  • How many times they’ve been retweeted: This will give you a sense of how popular their posts are with others
  • Their Screen name
  • Their name
  • A description
  • Their Twitter ID number

Can’t Twitter do this for me?
Not very well. Twitter doesn’t make it easy to retrieve all this data. You would have to spend extra time sifting through the Twitter API. To get a list of followers from the Twitter API, you’d have to make multiple queries. Twitter defaults return 20 users per page. Once you get all that done, you’d have to start all over to get the number of followers each follower has. Assuming you got this far without throwing in the towel, you’d still have to organize everything—potentially a million bits of data or more—into something you can use.


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