NEXT Analytics Acquires Excellent Analytics Pro2020-01-21T16:57:14-04:00


Excellent Analytics Pro is an addin for Microsoft® Excel that queries Google® Analytics. NEXT acquired the intellectual property and rights to distribute Excellent Analytics Pro on March 1, 2014 from Ampliofy. Current licenses will continue to work as expected until their respective expiry dates.

As of August 2014, if you are not already a subscriber to the NEXT ANALYTICS version of EA PRO, then this option is not available to you.

As an alternative, NEXT Analytics Corporation offers its own Excel Addin which has the ability to import dashboards built with EA and EA PRO. If this interests you, please send a sample dashboard to and we will reply with a proposal.

Switching from Excellent Analytics to NEXT Aalytics

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n.b. the prices shown here are discounted over the ones at our main corporate site. These are limited time offers. Some of your fee is attributed to Outfox so please use these links.

For a fee, the support team at NEXT Analytics can help you convert your dashboards. Please contact for a quote.