NEXT Analytics and Tableau: Twitter Word Cloud

NEXT Analytics and Tableau: Twitter Word Cloud

Combine NEXT Analytics and Tableau to create a Twitter Word Cloud. NEXT can create a Word Cloud for any Twitter screen name. This article will take you step-by-step through using NEXT Analytics and Tableau together to create a Twitter Word Cloud that you can customize and refresh on demand. Make one Word Cloud to visualize popular words used for your own screen name, brand, or company, and make more to visualize those of your competitors.

Create your NEXT Analytics Query

  1. Install NEXT Analytics to your computer if you do not already have the software. (Download a FREE 14-day trial)
  2. Download: Twitter-Mentions-Wordcloud-Tableau
  3. Excel will open and this page will appear.
  4. Click on the “NEXT Analytics” tab on the ribbon bar and then click “Subscription” to get your Confirmation Code.
Enter the desired Twitter screen name into the box provided.

Adjust the Output File Name if desired.

t1 file to be
Remember to click on an empty cell before clicking on “Refresh Data”
Click on the “Exclusion_List” tab.

NEXT will show a default list of words that are often excluded from Word Clouds. You may add to this list by typing one word per cell in column A.l

Add as many exclusion words as you like, or delete them by clicking on the cell containing the unwanted exclusion word and deleting the word

Click “Refresh Data”
Click on the “Top Key Words” tab.

This tab will contain an alphabetical list of all the top words for that screen name

Browse the list and modify the “keyword_fixes” as needed.

Save the Workbook



Connect NEXT Analytics to Tableau

Open your copy of Tableau and Click “Connect to Data”
t data button
Choose “Text File” from the list of options at the top
t5 at the top
Find the CSV file that you created above:
t6 above
You can give the connection a unique name, or leave it default.

The rest of the options should be their default settings

t6 above
Choose “Connect live” to ensure that the next time you run this report, Tableau automatically updates the numbers for you.
Along the left hand pane, you should see the “Word” dimension and the “Count” Measure.
t9 measure
Click one, then hold down CTRL and click the other so they are both highlighted. You will note the “Show Me” dialog has changed. Select the “Packed Bubbles” option
t10 option


Viewing your Word Cloud

You should see a bubble chart that looks similar to this:

t 12 above

Select “Text” from the drop down in the Marks section to see this kind of word cloud:

t13 word cloud

You can prune the number of results in your Word Cloud By clicking a drop-down next to SUM(Count).
t14 showing

t14 2

You can also filter on the Word, to only display Hashtags included in your mentions or who was also mentioned when you were mentioned.
t15 mentioned

t15 2

Click on File -> Save As to save your Tableau dashboard.
t16 dashbaord


Refresh your Word Cloud on Demand

In a few days (or weeks, or months) you can click “Refresh Data” within NEXT Analytics and your word cloud is updated automatically within Tableau.