#noDAPL Around the World

The #noDAPL protests in the USA are continuing on, and protestors are uniting in the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline in Standing Rock. Political figures such as Bernie Sanders and celebrities such as Sarah Silverman, Susan Sarandon, Mark Ruffalo and Shailene Woodley have joined rallies to encourage participation. Bernie Sanders tweeted: “I am honored to be with a worldwide community that are demanding the Dakota Access Pipeline not be built. #NoDapl https://t.co/KCuebig43I

These tweets are a message from those around the world who could not be physically present but who wanted to show solidarity with the cause.

Rallies and protests across the USA are inspiring groups and individuals around the world to share their voice in the fight for the people of Standing Rock and the environmental impact of a pipeline such as this one.

We’ve plotted all the tweets using the #noDAPL, #waterislife, #standingrock, and #standwithstandingrock hashtag on a map of the world. As you can see, this protest is making a huge impact across the globe, with a high concentration of tweets in North America, as well as an enormous interest coming from all across Europe, Japan and India. There are even a few on Baffin and Ellesmere Island in Northern Canada, as well as one lone tweet coming from Antarctica!

In addition to the map, we took a look at influential followers, and found that

This data shows how the world can unite with something as simple as a hashtag.

Keep on tweeting!

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