Optimize your Brand Awareness

Optimize your Brand Awareness

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With today’s social technologies, it’s easier than ever to reach new potential customers using Facebook, Twitter, websites, and ads. Through social platforms,  fans voices are the biggest advocates for endorsing your brand. Brand awareness is a major contributing factor in a consumers buying decision process.

What Social Tactics are Most Effective?

Every brand is different and has a personality of its own. It is important to remember that social media platforms may not result in equal outcomes for all brands. Pepsi and Coke-cola have very different results on Facebook and Twitter. Coke-cola has over 67 million fans, whereas Pepsi has more than 16 million. If you compare that to Twitter, Pepsi is leading. But not by much. Pepsi has 1, 292, 447 followers compared to Coke-cola who has 812, 900 followers.

The practical procedure to distinguishing which social media tactics will work best for your brand, is to keep it simple.

1. First, establish your brands goals. By determining the outcome of your social media efforts, it will make measuring your results efficient.

2. Make sure you have a good focal point for your brand. Whether it’s a blog, a landing page, or even a social network aggregator.

3. Create meaningful content and useful news on your social media platforms.

4. Then you can start to monitor your brand mentions, web analytics, and social referencing. It is ok, and you should cross post your content and share your own posts to encourage engagement from your followers and fans.

After getting a good flow of fruitful news and content, you can start to track real results and identify which social media platforms offer your brand effecting results.

How NEXT Analytics can help

NEXT Analytics tools aid  in providing insights to  fans online behaviors, which will allow you to cater content to conversations your fans are having. You can also keep tabs on the competition and attempt to one up them.

The New Users from Social Media  report tells you if your social media is providing your website or fan page with a steady amount of new visitor traffic, thus helps to measure the effectiveness and usefulness of  time spent engaging in conversations online via social media.

If you can stimulate your fans to engage with your brand, your fan base will grow and your brand conversations will reach over different social media sources. NEXT Analytics report Traffic from Social Networks  measures how often your social networks  fans also visit your website. While you are investing in your brand recognition through numerous social networks, this tool will assist you in identifying which social networks are driving traffic to your company website and most likely towards your goals and eCommerce transactions.

Try out the powerful NEXT Analytics  trial for 15 days. For more insights on how to optimize your brands awareness visit our webpage at www.nextanalytics.com. You can also post your comments and questions on Twitter @nextanalytics.