Product Mix

Product Mix

NEXT Analytics is a small business. We’re continually updating our messaging and our product in order to stay competitive and to serve our clients better.

We have recently implemented Reporting as a Service. With this service, you will receive, in your email inbox, a refreshed report of the dashboard you have selected. You do not need to purchase or install our license to receive this report.

With Reporting as a Service, you select which reports you want, and when you wish to receive them. You can choose to receive a new report on demand, or hire our automatic service to receive them at a specified time each week. Perhaps you’d like to receive a report on the previous week’s information on Monday morning before work begins.

When you buy a NEXT Analytics license, you have the option to receive a customized dashboard made according to your requirements. Some dashboards can be adapted from our existing widget list. These can be created easily. Others will need to be constructed, and may take more time.

When installed on a computer that has a licensed copy of our software on it, dashboards can be refreshed at any time. You will be able to use our freely-distributed sample dashboards as well. You can receive additional customized dashboards constructed to your specifications as you need them.

Our basic license is available for annual renewal. You are able to use any widget available on our web site.

If you are interested in receiving support for our products, we provide technical help on a per-hour basis at reasonable rates. We can communicate by email, or set up a distance meeting. You will be assigned a member of our technical staff to resolve your issue. They will lead you through the product and resolve any issues.