Report Estimated AdWords Cross Device Conversions in Excel

Create a custom report showing AdWords Estimated Cross Device Conversions using the power of Excel. Build a detailed report that analyzes what device your customer uses to find your site versus what device they use to complete a conversion. Organize your data in an Excel spreadsheet and see trends in an instant. Customize the report the way you like using Excel features. Build a report in minutes that refreshes with a single click.


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What is a Cross-Device Conversion?
Estimated Cross-Device conversions is the first new AdWords conversion type to launch as part of AdWords’ Estimated Total Conversions measurement. The Adwords Cross-Device Conversion metric measures conversions that start as a click on an AdWords search ad on one device and end either as a conversion on another device or in a different web browser on the same device.

Why are Cross Device Conversions important?
Many Web purchasers use multiple devices to conduct purchase research or simply to browse a vendor’s offers. Analyzing the Cross-Device Conversion metric enables to you to capture and report a more holistic understanding of how well your AdWords advertising strategy drives conversions. Follow your prospective customers across devices without losing track of them. Know exactly what path your customer took to perform an action that provides value to your customer. Cross Device Conversions data will help you see patterns in customer behaviour that you can use to adjust and improve your marketing.


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