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Re-boot your computer before installing any application.

This allows pending Windoiws Updates to complete, which is usualy the cause of any setup issues.

Download/Setup the Excel addin
Download/Setup Next Analytics as a Windows Application

Purchase a subscription…

A licensed version will give you access to more data. The Free Trial is limited to the amount of data it will download.

Social Media

Social Media $199 Per Year
Social Media $19.95 per month

Power User

Power User Five Pack $995 per year
Power User Package $440 per year
Power User Package $40 per month

We offer a free trial that lets you determine if the software does what you need.

Because of that, we do not offer refunds for people who purchased before trying the software.

If you purchased the software but are having trouble getting the data that you need, you are encouraged to send email to and take advantage of the help that we offer.

Subscribers receive an email approximately 1 week before the renewal. This email contains a link to unsubscribe and prevent the renewal. If you wish to unsubscribe, this email is your reminder.

After the renewal occurs, there will be no refund on monthly licenses.

If your annual license renewed, you can request a cancellation if you request it on the same day as the renewal. There will be a $50 adminstration fee for this.

How do I un-subscribe2019-11-08T05:53:24-04:00

After you make your purchase, the eCommerce provider will send an email to the inbox of the email ID of the purchaser.

That email contains a URL in it. If you click this URL, it will take you to a page which lets you change the contact information for person who owns the credit card, and you can cancel the subscription.

After you cancel, your license continues to be in effect until the expected expiry date.