It takes just ten minutes to setup a personal database using free MYSQL

The install (including downloads) will probably take 10 minutes.  It pertains to software that’s freely downloaded as of March 10, 2017. 

Start by clicking this link and following it’s instructions. Accept all the defaults.

Next, click this link and accept any prompts for Developer or any other default.

These steps take only about two minutes on an average computer.

Finally, you will be prompted to provide information for MYSQL’s configuration.

  1. Take the defaults “Type” and “Networking”
  2. Accounts and Roles. For the demo to function without any changes, assign the following values:
    1. User id = root
    2. Password = admin
  3. Add a user here as required.
  4. Windows Service: Defaults
  5. Plugins and Extensions: Defaults
  6. Execute
  7. Keep clicking “ok” or “next” or “Finish” when prompted.

After it is done, you can try out a simple GA query. First paste the following text into a workbook and rename the worksheet to “save_actions”.

After this, you can refresh data and the data will be in the MYSQL database. The table name will be 

You can open a program that was installed with MYSQL to examine the table. The program is called MYSQL Workbench.

Creating a personal database makes it accessible to a large community of business analysts, and a broad set of powerful business intelligence tools.