Twitter Hashtag Analysis

Twitter Hashtag Analysis

Analyze Twitter hashtags easily using this dashboard from NEXT Analytics. Type in any hashtag—your own, your friend’s or your competitors—to automatically get an Excel list of Twitter profile that have used the hashtag recently. That means you’ll know who is using the hashtag and how influential they are based on the number of followers they have.

NEXT fetches the Twitter data directly and securely from Twitter and brings it into Microsoft Excel (Google Spreadsheet, OpenOffice LibreOffice and other software are also supported). You can have your data refreshed automatically on a particular date and time, or you can refresh it yourself as often as you like with just one click.

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Download this report: tw-hashtag-analysisv5

That’s it. It’s really easy.

How to Get Your Own Twitter Hashtag Report

Twitter Hashtag Analysis is just one of many useful things NEXT Analytics can do with Twitter. Put NEXT Analytics to work for you to gain valuable, actionable insight.
Here’s How to get your Twitter hashtag report:

  1. Install NEXT Analytics to your computer. (Download a FREE 14-day trial)
  2. Download: tw-hashtag-analysisv5 The report will contain sample data)
  3. Click on the “NEXT Analytics” tab on the ribbon bar and then click “Subscription” to get your Confirmation Code.


  1. Click “Publish” to authorize NEXT for Twitter


  1. Enter the screen name you want to analyze in the blue box
  2. Click on an empty cell and then click “Refresh Data”


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