Use Excel to Analyze AdWords Assist Impressions in a Custom Report

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Use Excel to Analyze AdWords Assist Impressions in a Custom Report

Analyze all your AdWords Assist Impressions data in a single Excel spreadsheet. Combine AdWords Assist Impressions with Assist Clicks and Impression Assisted Conversion value in the same report for detailed insight into keyword performance. Use Excel features to customize your AdWords report and then ask NEXT Analytics to batch refresh your data automatically. No more manual reporting!


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What is an Assist Impression?
Assist Impressions metric captures the total number of impressions a keyword produced but was not clicked on excluding the last click.

Why are Assist Impressions Important?
Use Assist Impressions (along with assist clicks and last clicks) to determine the benefit of remaining visible on more generic search terms. Since people tend not to know immediately what they’re looking for, they tend to begin with a generic search. Having your organization appear sooner during a user’s research and comparison phase may entice that user to complete a conversion with you.

Use Assist Impressions when you want to evaluate the value of certain keywords that don’t appear to be converting (according to AdWords’ last click model) or if you want to understand how a user searches your products or services before they convert.


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