Use Windows Task Scheduler to Refresh the Data in a Google Sheet or Excel Spreadsheet

Windows Task Scheduler will run applications that do not need human interaction.

  • Nothing needs to be clicked,
  • there is no text to be entered.

It’s perfect for when you want the data to be downloaded before you arrive at work.

It can also be used to refresh data without using Excel on your computer.

Windows Task Scheduler lets you choose which programs to run, and when to run them.

You can use a program provided by NEXT Analytics named  NXACMD2017 which does two things for you:

  • Opens puts fresh data in Excel spreadsheets
  • Puts fresh data into Google Sheets
The computer does not need to have Excel installed and it requires no user interaction to perform the data refresh.

The business benefit is that any reporting system can be assured of having up to date information being reported.

  • The advantage of using NXACMD2017 is that it doesn’t require human interaction.
  • It connects directly to the data service, downloads the data, and then puts the data into the spreadsheet. Because it connects directly from your computer, there is no quota applied by NEXT Analytics. Download as many gigabytes as you want, and you can do that at no extra cost or quota penalty.
  • It does all this in background, without tying up your computer or making you have to do anything with a spreadsheet.

To learn the steps how to use this useful program, view this PDF document:

View the PDF