YouTube Daily Views by Traffic Source

A refreshable YouTube report showing daily YouTube views by traffic source in Excel or in the Cloud

Which traffic source yields the most views of your YouTube videos?  This report will tell you.  Traffic sources include YouTube search, suggested videos, annotation, YouTube playlist page, YouTube channel, advertizing, playlist, notification, or other source.  All the data you need about YouTube views by traffic source is found in a single, simple dashboard from NEXT Analytics.

It sounds easy, and it is!  This report tells you daily YouTube views and the traffic sources people use to find your video.

What are YouTube traffic sources?

Excellent question.  YouTube traffic sources are the sites and YouTube features that viewers use to find your content.

What kinds of YouTube traffic sources are there?

Another good question.

There are two main categories of YouTube traffic sources:

  1. sources within YouTube
  2. sources outside of YouTube

and the YouTube Views by Traffic Source report from NEXT Analytics fetches daily views data on them all.


This report can be useful for people who:

  • want to know what traffic sources people use to find their YouTube videos
  • want to determine which traffic sources leads to the most daily views
  • want to compare how many views they get of their YouTube videos from each kind of traffic source
  • want insight into whether their YouTube advertising is translating into views


It’s time to get started!


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