YouTube Demographics Breakdown Report

See the demographics (age and sex) of the people who are watching your YouTube videos or channels in a customizable, refreshable report in Excel or in the Cloud

NEXT analytics will fetch important demographic information about your YouTube audience. Just click on a button below (desktop or cloud product), authorize NEXT for YouTube, then click Refresh Data. That’s it!

Who is watching my YouTube videos?

A good way to determine who your YouTube viewers are is through the YouTube Demographics Breakdown Report by NEXT Analytics.  Easily see at-a-glance information about what YouTube content resonates with your intended audience and what content doesn’t.  Once you know who is watching, you can tailor your YouTube content to them, giving you a competitive advantage.

Customizable demographic reports made easy

Want to change the kind of graph your data appears in? No problem.  You can choose from Excel’s wide selection of graphs.  Want to change the colors to match your company’s logo? Excel lets you do that, too.

If you are using our Cloud product, you can request data for custom dates and/or custom colors by contacting [email protected]



This report can be useful for people who

  • want to know the age range and gender distribution of their audience
  • want to know whether their YouTube content is more popular with men or women
  • want to know whether their YouTube content is more popular in a particular age group
  • want to know whether their intended audience is their actual audience
  • want to spot new and emerging audiences interested in their videos
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