YouTube Live or On Demand Content Dashboard

Are you planning to publish a Video on YouTube? Are you wondering if it should it be Live or On-Demand?  Should the content be geared towards your subscribers or un-subscribed? How about Kids, Gamers or Core. Stop the guesswork, use the YouTube Live or On Demand Content Planning Dashboard!

Content type (Live or On-Demand), subscriber status and YouTube product (e.g. Core, Kids, Gaming).

What’s your measure of success? We think it should be YouTube Average View Duration.

YouTube Live or On Demand Content Planning Dashboard from NEXT Analytics offers daily data on YouTube average view duration for live and on demand YouTube content, and organizes that data further by subscribed status and YouTube product.

This report is chock a block full of valuable data about average view duration! You can easily see trends and keep producing content that the most avid viewers are watching. You get all that daily data in a single, simple report that you can customize in Excel or in the Cloud?

Best of all, this report will save you a lot of time.  If you use the YouTube reports, you have to compare four separate reports showing daily views, daily views by live and on demand content, daily views by subscribed and non-subscribed viewers, and daily views by YouTube product.

YouTube Live or On Demand Content Planning Dashboard



This report can be useful for people who:

  • have both live and on demand YouTube content
  • have subscribers and non-subscribers who view their YouTube content
  • have multiple YouTube products
  • want to compare daily YouTube average view duration across content type, subscriber type and YouTube product
  • want to simplify their YouTube reporting process

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