YouTube views by playback location

See YouTube views by playback location in Excel or in the Cloud

You can see the number of views your YouTube content gets with the YouTube views by playback location report by NEXT Analytics.

Do you have a YouTube channel, imbedded YouTube videos, or other YouTube content in multiple playback locations? Our refreshable dashboard can help gather your view information in one place where it is easier to spot trends or address YouTube playback locations that aren’t performing as well as the rest.

Knowing this data will help you optimize your ad spend on playback locations that generate the most views

Choose your desired dates and NEXT Analytics will do the rest. Your results will be in a refreshable report in an Excel spreadsheet, or in the Cloud.

This dashboard can be useful for people who:
• have multiple YouTube videos and/or YouTube channels
• upload their YouTube content to various playback locations
• want to know how many views their YouTube content gets in each playback location
• want to see the number of views for each playback location over a specific period of time
• want to optimize their ad spend on the most successful playback locations
• Want customizable, refreshable reports in Excel or in the Cloud


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